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In home rehabilitation and preventative care for adults. Serving SF and the Peninsula.

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Serving SF & the Peninsula
At home services

Physical Rehabilitation and Preventive Care

High quality care in the comfort of your home.

Neurological Rehab

Occupational Therapy for Stroke and Brain Injuries.


Restorative exercises and mindfulness for every stage of life.

Pelvic Floor Health

Alleviate incontinence, painful sex, diastasis, and prolapse.


Alexandra (Aedra) Ho

I founded my practice in 2013, providing in-home yoga and movement coaching 1:1 for people looking to age gracefully and recover from injuries.

I've worked with a broad range of individuals: from competitive athletes, to C-level Executives, to patients with long term disabilities. I've taught over 8000 hours of Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates, and co-ran a well known Yoga Teacher Program in Palo Alto. Whilst I work with a broad base of clientele, they all value the same thing: highly personalized care.

I’m a licensed Occupational Therapist qualified to provide medical rehabilitation to patients suffering from a wide range of conditions: from stroke, to severe physical injuries, to pelvic health challenges, and more.

At home services

Services Provided

High quality care in the comfort of your home.

Neurological Rehabilitation

I provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to treatment, addressing a wide range of issues. Including dysfunction resulting in challenges with self-care, home management, sleep, leisure, and work. I take a multifaceted approach to treating the complex deficits associated with neurological injury. My services include manual therapy, exercises, motor performance training, environmental adaptations, and home programs- all designed to help you achieve your best possible outcome.

Yoga and Restorative Fitness

​​Yoga and restorative exercises are invaluable tools that offer lifelong benefits. From gaining strength and mobility to experiencing peace and confidence, yoga can help you achieve your goals and live a healthier life. Our tailored sessions will help you build stamina and flexibility, manage injuries or illnesses, or get started on your journey. 

Pelvic Floor Therapy

I help people take charge of their pelvic health to restore function and regain their confidence. If you're finding yourself worrying where the next bathroom is, experiencing pain during sex, or have difficulty sitting down, then I'm here to help. I have a gentle, safe manner and I move at the pace that my patients feel most comfortable with. We’ll focus on posture,  breathing techniques, stress reduction, and developing healthy habits. We’ll use massage, strengthening exercises, and internal work when appropriate. I don’t use speculums or other instruments.

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How I work

I'm ready to help you

My philosophy is that I don't just want people to walk again, I want them to dance.

I take a whole person approach; I get to know my patients so I can provide individualized care.

I’m here to collaborate with you so that you can do the things that matter to you.

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